Lynne & Henry in Switzerland

Silvaplana-In the midst of the Alps en route to Austria. Sports town two villages way from St. Moritz in beautiful Swiss Alps. (31,340 bytes)Locarno-View from hotel room by Italian-Swiss border. Lake viewed from hotel room in Locarno, Switzerland. (19,329 bytes)Locarno-End of narrow, curvy road up the mountain from lake. Follow the road from Locarno to the end atop this Swiss Alps mountain. (43,807 bytes)
Locarno-Grotto at end of mountain road. Grotto atop Swiss Alps mountain. (35,572 bytes)Locarno-Henry (center, small) exploring mountain brook. Lynne snapping Henry (center, tiny) exploring fresh freezing mountain brook. (51,940 bytes)Locarno-Checking dam that holds water back from town. Peering over the side of the dam that holds the water back from the town where we stayed. (26,263 bytes)

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