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Remember when your parents asked you why you did a certain thing and your reply was “because everyone is doing it?” And they said that reason wasn’t good enough?

Well, guess what? Because EVERYONE IS doing it – having a web presence is PRECISELY why you need to do so also – YOUR COMPETITION IS ALREADY DOING IT!
For small businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations we offer you a quality, affordable web presence by:
  • A registered name that allows people to type in your "business address."
  • A website design that fits your business and meets your business goals.
  • A place to host your site so people can find you on the Internet.
  • Monthly maintenance that keeps your web business up to date and in front of your customers

Did You Know?

Many clients have questions about Search Engines and how their sites can be found on the web.  While I code to the standards of the day which includes information that can make your site search engine friendly, this is not my main area of expertise.  You will see short articles appear here from time to time that may answer your questions from the experts in the field.


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OVERSite Productions web design
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